Q: For 2017, why is the deadline for applications March 10? Isn’t this early?

A: The reason is to give the selected artists as much time as possible between notification of acceptance and the symposium weekend to create new work if they wish.

Q: Do the five digital images required for application have to be images of work we intend to show at the symposium?

A: They can be, but it is not required. What is submitted in the application does have to be representative of what the artist intends to show.

Q: What types of artworks are acceptable?

A: We accept traditional drawing, painting and digital artwork. This means work created using mechanical tools and materials such as brushes, palette knives, paint, pencils, graphite, charcoal, pastels, and such. Illustration is accepted. Works should be on canvas, paper, Masonite, or other grounds associated with these methods and media. They can be framed or unframed (unframed work must be supported so that it can be hung). Digital work means original 2D work done from scratch using digital drawing and/or painting tools, not a digitally manipulated file that started with a photo. If the artist incorporates elements such as fragments of a photo or scanned file (as in a collage), the artist is responsible for copyrights, permissions, credits and the like.

Q: Who is on the jury?

A: The jury members are New Brunswickers with established bona fides in visual art, such as artists, art teachers, and gallerists. Their names are not disclosed. Jury members change each year to ensure a variety of perspectives, and past jurists must wait two years before they can sit again.

Q: Are members of the Symposium team allowed to apply? If yes, is there a possibility of unfairness in the selection process?

A: Members of the Symposium team are allowed to apply. We take several measures to ensure fairness.

Q: How will sales be handled?

A: Artists are responsible for manning their own booths during public hours. All sales transactions will be strictly between the buyer and the artist, and the sole responsibility of the artist. We require that artists provide buyers with sales receipts for security purposes. There is no ATM at the venue, however several are available close by.

Q: What about Insurance?

A: Artists are responsible for insuring their items as they wish.

Q: What about security?

A: Access to the venue will be supervised. Persons leaving with artwork will be required to show sales receipts.

Q: Do artists need to bring any booth furniture or equipment?

A: As follows:

Q: What accommodations and amenities are available in the area?

A: See the accommodations information here.

Q: What about public transit and parking?

A: Taxi service is available but the region has no public transit. There is ample parking at the venue.

Q: Are there food services on site?

A: The venue has a full kitchen which will serve Friday and Saturday lunch and supper, and Sunday lunch, for participants. The kitchen will also provide beverages and snacks at 9am, and a canteen service on a paid basis during public open hours.

Q: Are reproductions allowed?

A: Reproductions of your own originals are not accepted for hanging as your exhibition pieces. All exhibited work must be original, however, you may bring reproductions to stock in your booth for sale. If you need a small table for this purpose, you are welcome to bring one.

Q: Are studies or copies of someone else’s work allowed?

A: All works must be your own original design. Studies or copies of another person’s original paintings, drawings, or photographs are not accepted.

Q: I don’t know if I’m good enough, and am hesitating as to whether or not I should apply?

A: Only you can decide to apply, but remember that a major objective of the forum is to provide a venue for people who might not have shown before but whose work has merit. Have you received positive feedback from objective people? Are people genuinely interested in buying your work? Are there other encouraging indications? If yes, those are signs to consider it.

Q: I have no formal art training. Will this hurt my chances?

A: Having formal art training might help your chances, but lacking it won’t necessarily hurt them. Many successful artists are self-taught. The main thing is the merit of the work itself. Does it have impact? Does it resonate with people who have seen it?

Q: I am pretty confident that I will be selected. How many pieces should I prepare?

A: We do not recommend investing in preparation until you know you have been selected. If you do start before being confirmed to register, it is your own responsibility and at your own risk. Each artist booth is 10 feet wide with two end walls five feet deep. Booth height is 7 feet. The number of pieces will depend on their size and how densely you want to hang them.

Q: The application is supposed to contain five digital images of five different works. I have a digital camera but am not too sure about changing the settings and whatnot. What should I do?

A: We strongly recommend that you talk with a local commercial photographer or someone else who knows about digital photography. Unfortunately there are too many makes and models of cameras out there for us to give specific recommendations on camera settings, but a knowledgeable person can look at your camera and help with that. If you plan to make further submissions or applications in future, it is a good investment of your time to learn what is needed.

Q: Is collage acceptable under your definition of traditional painting and drawing?

A: Yes. Collage as a form of drawing and painting is over one hundred years old. However, assemblage, in which the work goes from being essentially two-dimensional to three dimensional, is not acceptable this year, since assemblage is closer to sculpture.

Q: Is a specific format required for the CV?

A: We don't require a specific format. However, we are generally looking for certain information, so please see the CV file here for a guideline. Your CV should look similar in structure to the examples but there is no exact requirement as long as the applicable categories are present.

Q: Can I pay by cheque?

A: Yes, payable to SymposiumBDC.