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Brigitte Lebouthilier

Originally from Lagacéville New Brunswick, Brigitte LeBouthillier is a colorful woman, passionate, creative and remarkably structured, qualities also found in her work.

It is not known which of the painting or the artist chose the other. An artist that can be considered self-taught, Brigitte LeBouthillier uses techniques of her own.

The artist has been painting since 2003 and already her career is very impressive. Her paintings arouse fascination by their shapes, colors, movements, textures and overall structure.

Among her collections, "L'âme de nos maisons" catches our eyes and guide us in the field of childhood. We are mesmerized by the life, strength, imagination and contrasts that we see. Each of the houses has its own personality and expresses, in its way, its originality, in a structural balance always maintained.

The gaiety and freedom that emerge are contagious. It bathes in both reality and the supernatural. The Acadian flag, found in her paintings, adds another dimension to her work.

Through her paintings, one can feel the wind from the sea, which is so dear to Brigitte and brought her back home after a short detour in Quebec. Houses and quilts spread out on clotheslines dance to her music. In her collection "Paysages maritimes" emerges all the richness of her inner life. Painting is done in solitude like any other creative work but the moments when she exhibited her work are special times for Brigitte LeBouthillier.

Creativity is always waiting for you. Each object or landscape which raises her gaze is an excuse to build a fantasy.

That says it all about the passion that drives her. Her energy, without being chaotic, is overflowing into her work. Her painting turns over the deepening of her art and her quest for identity while retaining the peculiarities of its own. Intimate pleasure for the soul of those who admire her work.
Hot Pink
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