About the symposium

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Artists, you will want to be part of this unique event!

Conceived as a vehicle for promoting local artists who want to advance their practices, it provides opportunities for professional development and networking, learning, showing your work, thus increasing your profile and visibility as artists.

Who can participate

There are two categories of participating artists:

  1. Practising established artists who are invited as special guests. Up to four seats are reserved.
  2. Regional artists who must apply and be selected to participate, as follows:

    • At least 10 artists who are residents of New Brunswick living between St. Quentin and Bathurst.
    • Up to three artists who are from Restigouche County but currently live outside of Restigouche County.
    • Up to three artists who live in Quebec from Matapedia to New Richmond.
    • Up to six artists living elsewhere in New Brunswick.
    • Up to three artists from anywhere

Selection of regional artists

See the Application page for the form and details on how to apply.

All applications received on time will be reviewed by an independent, experienced jury from outside the Restigouche area. If selected, in early May you will receive an invitation to confirm and register as a participant. A $100 registration fee will be required from selected artists who wish to participate. This fee covers:

  • Kiosk space (see Showing and selling your work)
  • Lunch and supper on Saturday; lunch on Sunday
  • Your description and photos of your work on our website and FaceBook page
  • Admission to all Symposium events

Showing your work

All selected and invited artists will be provided with individual walled kiosks for hanging and displaying your recent original works. Each kiosk will have two five-foot end walls and a 10-foot rear wall. Hanging hooks and chairs will be provided. The works will be shown throughout the event.

Symposium BDC will promote the event online and through regional media, as well as directly to galleries and outlets.

See the schedule for blocks of time when the event is open to the public. All participating artists are expected to be present (or represented if participating in ImprovisArt) at their kiosks during public hours. All artists are responsible for their own artworks and sales. SymposiumBDC will not be taking any commissions from your sales.

Networking opportunities

Symposium BDC is pleased to kick off the Symposium on Friday night with an official opening event for the artists, officials, dignitaries, guests from the art community, and the general public.

Professional development

Symposium BDC is proud to present two excellent opportunities for learning.

On Saturday morning, participating artists will attend a moderated panel discussion on a topic relevant to artists.

On Friday and Sunday mornings, participating artists will attend two demonstrations by the invited guest artists.


Artists are invited to participate in ImprovisArt, a social gathering where artists paint live. ImprovisArt will take place Saturday evening during public hours. If you want to be in ImprovisArt, you can indicate this on the registration form that you will receive upon your selection for the event. Acrylic paint and canvases will be provided – you bring your own brushes and other tools as you wish.